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is behind this page? Dr. Michael Rotte, Consultant Neurology & Somnology, PI  Center of Advanced Imaging (CAI)

Neurology 2, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg BIO   go

Leipziger Str. 44, 39120 Magdeburg, Germany

email: rotte@neuro2.med.uni-magdeburg.de Sleep  go

phone:   out-patient            +49 (391) 67-15031
                   clinical office       +49 (391) 67-13429 Students go
                    research office    +49 (391) 6117-184  

FAX:      clinical                 +49 (391) 67-15233

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-------------- Meetings - Conferences - Workshops ------------
Human Brain Mapping 2005 Toronto, Canada                     12-16 June  HBM 2005
Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2005 New York, USA                 10-12 April  CNS 2005
ISMRM 2005 Miami, Florida                        7-13 May  ISMRM 2005
Society for Neuroscience 2004 Washtington, USA                  12-16 November  NS2005
European Neurological Society 2005 Vienna, Autria                          18-22 June  ENS 2005
XVIII World Congress of Neurology Sydney,  Australia                  5-13 Nov 2005  N 2005
Dt. Gesell. f. Neurologie Wiesbaden                               21-24 September
 DGN 2005
Dt. Gesell. f. Klinische Neurophysiologie Gießen                                     22-26 März
 DGKN 2006
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Neurology links
Titel Where Comment
The Human Brain: Dissections of the Real Brain TOC.html
The whole brain Atlas AANLIB


Basic task is the transformation of the Frequency map (K-space) to anatomical and statistical maps. The problem is to choose the best out of at least five different software packages to do so. While the raw format will be dependent on the manufacturers standards (see Section for Philips, General Electrics, Siemens and Bruker ), the approach to perform statistical analysis is up to the user.  There are the following options:


The Harvard Version FAST Freesurfer
The Wellcome Version SPM SPM2
Other Brain Voyager Montreal Tools

MRI related imaging - overview:

Location What is it good for? Format Viewer / Author Support
Boston Introduction Analysis .bshort  .bfloat, separate (.hdr) xds   Harvard Manual
Boston Inflate and Flatten .nmc, header included Freesurfer  CorTechs
Montreal Introduction Analysis .nmc, header included Display.mesa  MINC Manual
 MINC Tools
Maastricht Introduction Analysis
Brain Voyager  Brain Voyager
Magdeburg Everything related to our center .bshort   .bfloat, separate (.hdr)
.img, separate (.hdr .mat)
Mayo Clinic Introduction Analysis
Analyse  Analyse
Nottingham Viewer and Converter Data Format
Micro  Micro
Los Angeles Motion correction

SourceForge Data Format Converter

NIH Analyse, Processing Data
FSL Oxford Brain Image Analysis Tools
several  FSL
MAD Multivariant Methods for MRI

MRC CBU Imaging Methods and Introduction
Matthew Brett  MRC
Denmark Neuroinformatics
FA Nielson  Neuroinf
David Clunie DICOM Format Page
David Clunie  DICOM
Brede neuroinformatics toolbox analyse/visualize results .img, separate (.hdr .mat) Nielson/Lipirol  LYNGBY

SPM general stuff:
WFU Atllas for SPM99/SPM2
online Atlas for activations

SPM99 stuff:
London SPM99 SPM Central

SPM Tutorial .pdf

SPM extensions
Stanford SPM99 extensions SPM extensions
Cambridge UK
SPM99 introduction
SPM intro

SPM2 stuff:
London SPM2 SPM2 Central
Belgian Université Catholique de Louvain Batch automation script SPM2 Batch Belgium
Andrew Janke Converter Software Converter
Cambridge UK Batch automation script SPM2 Batch UK
CBMG-Tools add-on tools
John Ashburner
specific SPM2 snippets
SPM2 john

NMR Homepages:

GE Bruker  Siemens Fonar
Philips (Marconi) Toshiba

Web and MRI:

What by Location
MRI everything HealthSystems  goto WWW
MRI and Computer Science D. Heeger  goto WWW
CBU Imaging Cambridge  goto WWW
The whole brain atlas Keith A. Johnson & J. Alex Becker   goto WWW
The Talairach Daemon ICBM  goto WWW
The Basics of MRI Joseph P. Hornak  goto WWW
An Introduction to MR Graham Wright  goto WWW
Human Brain Function (online Book)
 goto WWW
Brain Module
Wayne State University
 goto WWW
The Navagable Atlas of the Human Brain
Sulheimer et al
 goto WWW
An Introduction to MRI Ray Ballinger
 goto WWW

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Using MEG for the investigation of cognitive processes combines the advantages of high temporal resolution and spatial resolution. At our facility the Software package CURRY is used for statistical analysis and the transformation of structural and functional MRI imaging. We have developed several tools for statistical mapping of fMRI and the combination of fMRI and MEG on the CURRY platform.

Software Overview

Curry Neuro Scan Labs  Curry
BTI 4 D Neuroimaging  BTI

Helpful links

Curry scripts  by M. Scholz CUSS
Introduction into MEG/EEG Physiology
by CBU
Stimulus presentation setting by J. Heinrich MEGpres

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ERP: Event Related Potentials
ERP research is a wide, wild field due to the longest history of all imaging methods. This relates to the published body of work, the recording and analysis of the results as well as the presentation of the different groups with their own style. To get the flavor, just look for the polarization setting in two random papers. At our facility we still cherish a software package of the old, San Diego days: vvsp for presentation, plekp for recording and - not to mention any detail - a lot of stuff for artifact rejection.

Helpful links

MD_Neuro2 Manual for ERPSS by M. Scholz ERPSS
Introduction (basic) into EEG and MEG by W.T. Roth EEG_MEG

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   Guides to approach a new world.

What by Location
UNIX Basics Andrew Lawrence  goto WWW
UNIX Complete Interactive University of Edinburgh  goto WWW
UNIX and more Interactive UnixTools.com  goto WWW
VI editor intro Ben Yoshino  goto WWW
SSH shell

 load SSH

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           THE Platform for development.

What by Location
Matlab Home The MathWorks  goto WWW
Matlab Complete Interactive University of Indiana  goto WWW
Matlab Basics University of Utah  goto WWW
Matlab Modules University of New Hampshire  goto WWW
Matlab Control Tutorials University of Michigan  goto WWW
Matlab Tutorial for fMRI NMR Center, Harvard, Boston  goto WWW

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           Always pay to be the in-crowd.

What Location
Organisation for Human Brain Mapping  goto WWW
Neurology  goto WWW
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Klinische Neurophysiologie  goto WWW
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Neurologie  goto WWW
Neuroscience  goto WWW

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Software for Stimulus Presentation
           How to get stuff to the subject.

What by Location
Presentation Neurobehavioral Systems  goto WWW
Cogent 2000 FIL London  goto WWW
VVSP to be determined  goto WWW
VAPP Kent Kiehl and Tony Gray  goto WWW
DMDX Matt Davis  goto WWW
DMDX updates J. Forster  goto WWW
LabView Natinonal Instruments  goto WWW

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Name Dr. Michael Rotte
Date of Birth 30th May 1964
Citizenship Germany
Marital Status married


School 1970-1974 (Primary School) Grundschule Altwarmbüchen, Germany

1974-1984 (Secondary School) Gymnasium Isernhagen, Germany
Military Services 1984-1985 Munster, Germany
Medical School 1985-1991 Medical High School Hannover, Germany
Education in other countries 1989 Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK

1989 Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan
Final Year 1991-1992 Internal Medicine: Albert Einstein University of Medicine, New York, USA

Surgery: Medical High School, Hannover, Germany

Radiology: Medical High School, Hannover, Germany

Academic Positions

1992-1994 Residency in Neurology Clinic for Neurology, Medical University Hannover, Germany
1994-1995 Residency in Neurology Clinic for Neurophysiology, O.-v.-Guericke University, Magdeburg
1995-1996 Residency in Psychiatry Clinic for Psychiatry, O.-v.-Guericke University, Magdeburg
1996-1998 Postdoctoral Fellow D.L. Schacter, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, and
B.R. Rosen, NMR-Center, MGH, Boston, USA
1998-1999 Fellowship in Neurology Clinic for Neurology II, O.-v.-Guericke University, Magdeburg
2000-  Associate Professor Clinic for Neurology II, O.-v.-Guericke University, Magdeburg

Principal Investigator CAI (Center for Advanced Imaging), Zenit, Magdeburg
Director Neuroimaging
Novartis, Basel


peer reviewed publications other contributions

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