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My Motivation

In 2000, I have created a non-profit, non-governmental website on migraine aura. My goal was to promote my own interdisciplinary research by transferring my results and their implications to migraine research. The site was quite successful but more was needed to transform that achievement into a breakthrough.

As a scientist, I wanted to learn more about the entrepreneurial process. In 2003, I participated in an entrepreneurship course, a one year program of 13 modules and various workshops, that covers important aspects of launching a business from initial idea to growth and international expansion. It integrated academic concepts with a very practical results-oriented approach for non-business majors

In 2004, Dr. med. Klaus Podoll, a University-based clinician and migraine expert, joined the project. Together we have made it grow to one of the largest migraine websites. We are constantly working to operate the most comprehensive source of information available in this field for patients, practicing neurologists, and for research. In 2005, this website has been nominated for the \\international\ media\ art\ award for science and art.

Migraine Aura Foundation

The MAF provides material that helps patients to recognize and understand their neurological symptoms during migraine. [More]

International media art award 2005

Mental images. From the pictures of our imagination to brain research. [More]